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Whether you are looking to reduce your electricity bill, increase your productivity, or create a comfortable environment, Aslightup offer whole set solutions.

Saving Energy

Every Aslightup product is designed to reduce your power consumption. Whether your goal is to create an energy-efficient home or reduce your energy usage at the workplace, Aslightup has built these cost-saving features into every one of its products.
    • Lower power consumption than standard fluorescent & incandescent lights
    • Higher energy efficiency > 0.9 power
Model No.: AS-7WDLR
Date: 2012-5-20
Place: Retailer shops

Comment: “…… Easy to install, energy saving 80% to compare to a halogen type. it's easy to showcast the item by the orientable beam angle…..”
Model No.: AS-160WPROJ4
Date: 2012-11-7
Place: Warehouse

Feedback: “……160W 90degrees in a warehouse. The cool white 5000°k is very natural light, the ground floor is bright too, 70% energy saving than metal halide with similar price.”
Model No.: AS-80WPROJ4
Date: 2017-3-26
Place: Outdoor warehouse

Comment: “……asymmetric beam angle of 150X80. The light stops at wall, but give all light to the open ground, there is no glaring at all……”
Model No.: AS-160WL
Date: 2017-3-3
Place: Warehouse Rack

Comment : “……it's easy to keep the light at the aisle , and it's easy to read the goods on the rack, ……”